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The Service Bureau, with MFA students from the CalArts Graphic Design program, designed and produced the exhibition ‘2d/3d’ as the culmination of an elective course by the same name.

The course set out to investigate translation between two and three dimensions, as practical technique, as rhetorical device, and as subject for critical inquiry. Responding 
to a series of readings and viewings, students were challenged to create work that questions or expands the way we conceive of, articulate, and work with space in graphic design.

The design of the exhibition took inspiration from Jorge Luis Borges’ imagining of a map the same size as the territory it maps, and by the split nature of the gallery space. Physical work was presented in one of the two identical rooms, and a two-dimensional graphic and textual map of that work, constructed from vinyl and dry transfer typography, was presented in the other.





Katie Barger (BFA 2016), ‘Gradient Zoetrope’


Margaret Andersen (MFA 2016), ‘Minimal Construction’


Iris Chung (MFA 2016), ‘Erased Horizons’



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Inquiry: Exhibition / Assembly / Collection / Assortment was a show of faculty work at the University of Texas at Austin in the Spring of 2015. In collaboration with Jiwon Park, the Service Bureau designed and installed a reading room, interactive website, projection, and produced the catalog and signage for the show. The design of the collateral materials all took the book to be a sort of container for the intellect in contrast to the works themselves as more emotive containers.

The reading room collected 10 influential books from each contributor to the show and acted as the ‘brain’ of the exhibition, a point of access into the research that accompanies academic artistic practice. The projection and website clarified which books were selected by the artists, and made them accessible to the public beyond the exhibition walls.

A simple catalog accompanied the show, acting as a hub for the curatorial statement, biographies and lists of references from the artists. The title page spread of the catalog then became the identity of the show, directing the viewer toward the book as a gateway into Inquiry.











‘Critical Productions’ pop-up press at ‘Graphic Design: Now in Production’

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During opening events for the major exhibition ‘Graphic Design: Now in Production’
at the RISD Museum, we installed and ran a pop-up press in the museum, producing and distributing student authored critical guides to the exhibition.


Publications designed by students from the RISD class ‘Graphic Design Now’


The Office of Now

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We contributed the installation ‘The Office of Now’ to the major travelling exhibition ‘Graphic Design: Now in Production’ during its residency at the RISD Museum. The installation transplanted the Museum’s in-house graphic design office from its permanent location in the Museum’s basement into the gallery space. In its new location, the office continued to function as it did in its old, with graphic designers Derek Schusterbauer and Brendan Campbell working with museum staff to produce visual materials to aid in the promotion and interpretation of the museum.

Exhibitions of graphic design are inherently problematic because they isolate the artifacts of graphic design from the commercial and functional context in which, and for which, they
are produced. ‘The Office of Now’ sought to re-introduces some of this context into the exhibition by exposing, through its quotidian operations, the ways in which graphic design functions differently from fine art in its production, distribution, and modes of authorship.


Derek Schusterbauer and Brendan Campbell at work in the installation.


RISD GD Triennial

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We co-curated and art-directed the RISD Graphic Design Triennial, a survey exhibition of graduate and undergraduate student work, in 2012. Our concept revolved around a one paragraph definition of graphic design, that acted as both a visual identity and as a ‘tag cloud’ of organizing concepts for the exhibition.